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322 pages

Learning Visual Basic .NET

Creator: Jesse Liberty | Computers - 2002-10-25

NET platform, a development framework that provides a new way to create Windows applications. However, .NET goes beyond traditional Windows programming to facilitate creating web applications quickly and easily. And VB. NET is one of the premier languages ... NET language can be used to develop three types of applications you can run on your Windows computer: • Console applications display ...

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
Most Visual Basic .NET books are written for experienced object-oriented programmers, but many programmers jumping on the .NET bandwagon are coming from non-object-oriented languages, such as Visual Basic 6.0 or from script programming, such as JavaScript. These programmers, and those who are adopting VB.NET as their first programming language, have been out of luck when it comes to finding a high-quality introduction to the language that helps them get started.That's why Jesse Liberty, author of the best-selling books Programming C# and Programming ASP.NET, has written an entry-level guide to Visual Basic .NET. Written in a warm and friendly manner, this book assumes no prior programming experience, and provides an easy introduction to Microsoft's most popular .NET language.Learning Visual Basic .NET is a complete introduction to VB.NET and object-oriented programming. This book will help you build a solid foundation in .NET, and show how to apply your skills by using hundreds of examples to help you become productive quickly. Learning Visual Basic .NET introduces fundamentals like Visual Studio .NET, a tool set for building Windows and Web applications. You'll learn about the syntax and structure of the Visual Basic .NET language, including operators, classes and interfaces, structs, arrays, and strings. Liberty then demonstrates how to develop various kinds of applications--including those that work with databases--and web services.By the time you've finished Learning Visual Basic .NET, you'll be ready to move on to a more advanced programming guide that will help you create large-scale web and Windows applications.Whether you have a little object-oriented programming experience or you are new to programming altogether, Visual Basic .NET will set you firmly on your way to mastering the essentials of the VB.NET language.

541 pages

Programming Visual Basic .NET

Creator: Jesse Liberty | Computers - 2003

Completely revised, this edition is an essential guide for VB programmers looking to make the change to the .NET programming environment.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
Programming Visual Basic .NET, Second Edition is the complete guide to application development using Visual Basic .NET. Entirely rewritten by .NET expert Jesse Liberty, the new edition of this tutorial will be essential reading for the millions of Visual Basic programmers looking to make the change to Microsoft's .NET programming environment. Thorough, entertaining, and easy to follow, this book provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the language, object-oriented programming, and the .NET Framework, and goes even further--you'll learn how to create Windows and Web applications, as well as Web services. A comprehensive introduction to the Visual Basic .NET language, this new edition covers topics of greatest concern to VB6 programmers who wish to make the transition from traditional Visual Basic 6 programming to the new object-oriented, component-based world of .NET. Loaded with practical examples for intermediate and advanced programmers,Programming Visual Basic .NETfocuses on turning you into a proficient .NET developer. Some of the topics in the book include: Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Framework Object-Oriented Programming Building Windows Applications Accessing Data with ADO.NET ASP.NET Web Services and much more Jesse Liberty's books have successfully guided thousands of new and experienced programmers alike into the world of .NET programming andProgramming Visual Basic .NET, Second Edition will be no exception. This book is sure to become a key component of developers' .NET libraries.

291 pages

Object-oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET

Creator: J. P. Hamilton | Computers - 2003

NET, change the Startup Object in the „•»!' project properties dialog ... The latter contains classes that provide backward compatibility to earlier versions of Visual Basic, while ... WriteLine, which writes a message to the console window. Without  ...

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
One of the most significant features of Visual Basic .NET is the full support of object-oriented programming. For years, developers have been asking for it, but you may not be quite sure how it can help to create and maintain scalable .NET applications. VB.NET is a language that facilitates object-oriented programming, but does not guarantee good object-oriented code. That's where Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET comes in. It will show you how to think about similarities in your application logic and how to design and create objects that maximize the benefit and power the .NET Framework enables.The concept of separating the interface from the implementation has been around for years, but with Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET you'll put it all into practice and you'll never willingly go back to those old ways. With chapters on object fundamentals and class anatomy, you'll lay a foundation that will prepare you to think and apply code reuse principles. Following that, you'll be ready to dive deep into code and the dynamic ecology that it interacts with. Inheritance, containment, polymorphism, overloading, and overriding are just the beginning of this adventure. From there, you'll discover exception handling, reflection, serialization, and I/O.Packed with examples that will guide you through every step, Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET is a guide for those with some programming experience. This book is for those who know Visual Basic 6.0 and are ready or have started the process of developing with Visual Basic .NET. It is an essential tool that will build your skills, as you become a master of Visual Basic .NET.It is one thing to know how to write object-oriented code. Knowing the when and the why is what makes good programmers. That's exactly what you'll know after reading this book.

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