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MCSA/MCSE Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000 (Exam 70-292), Study Guide & DVD Training System

Creator: Syngress | Computers - 2003-10-09

Allow reconnection from original client only 5. ... With the release of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, they need to understand the nuances associated with Terminal Services licensing so as not to wind up without the proper licensing they need. I Every Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server must possess a valid Windows Server License. I A Terminal Server Client Access License (TS CAL) is required ...

Publisher: Syngress

About this book
MCSA/MCSE Exam 70-292 Study Guide & DVD Training System: Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000 is a one-of-a-kind integration of text, DVD-quality instructor led training, and Web-based exam simulation and remediation. This system gives you 100% coverage of the official Microsoft 70-292 exam objectives plus test preparation software for the edge you need to pass the exam on your first try.In June, 2003 Microsoft will launch beta exams for the Windows Server 2003 certification line. Exams will likely go live the following August and September. This launch is a comprehensive revamping of the MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Enginner) track with all new core exams and all new electives. In addition, the MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) certification will expand its program to include an additional upgrade exam for MCSAs wanting to become MCSEs. The launch of this new certification track means that all current MCSEs, representing an installed base of approximately 200,000 (source: MCP Magazine) will need to recertify under Windows Server 2003. In addition, any MCP looking to become an MCSE--estimates are about 1.2 million (source: MCP Magazine)--will also have to continue their certifications under the new program. Many industry experts expect the Windows 2003 certification, and product line as well, to be a more popular track since many organziations are still using NT and plan to skip 2000 and go directly to 2003.* DVD Provides a "Virtual Classroom": Get the benefits of instructor led training at a fraction of the cost and hassle.* Guaranteed Coverage of All Exam Objectives: If the topic is listed in Microsoft's Exam 70-292 objectives, it is covered here.* Fully Integrated Learning: This system includes a study guide, DVD training and Web-based practice exams.

608 pages

Deploying Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 with Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

Creator: Melissa Craft | Computers - 2005-05-24

You can purchase a retail version of Windows Server 2003 or a volume license for Windows Server 2003. ... It can only be used to activate one instance of Windows Server 2003. If you have a Select Agreement or Open License Agreement with Microsoft, you are provided with a Volume License ID that can be used to install as many ... Per Server Mode means that you must purchase enough Client Access Licenses (CALs) to support all con- current client connections to the server.

Publisher: Syngress

About this book
Almost 100% of all Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies use Citrix. This book covers the new release to Citrix MetaFrame and how companies can deploy it in their disaster recovery plans.Server Based Computing has been established as a solid networking model for any size business. Why? Because it guarantees cost savings, fast deployment, scalability, performance, security and fast recoverability. Think "mainframe," but updated, pretty, shiny, and effective! Server based computing is the mainframe with a vengeance. Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame offer the advantages of the old mainframe coupled with the benefits, gadgets, and appeal of the personal computer.* Manage applications from a central location and access them from anywhere* Build scalable, flexible, and secure access solutions that reduce computing costs and increase the utility of your network* The first book that covers Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 and Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

1344 pages

Inside Windows Server 2003

Creator: William Boswell | Computers - 2003

Licensing When you purchase a license for Windows Server 2003, you do not necessarily purchase the license to connect any clients to that server. For this, you need a Client Access License (CAL). ... You might pay only $400 or $500 for the upgrade SKU of a Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, but the CAL upgrade ...

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

About this book
Comprehensive, authoritative, and eminently practical, Inside Windowsreg; Server 2003 is an essential resource for IT professionals. Containing in-depth coverage of the newest Windows server technology, this book guides you through the complexities of installing, configuring, and managing a Windows Server 2003 system. Thousands of practical tips, recommendations, diagnostic aids, and troubleshooting techniques based on actual deployments and migrations help you set up and maintain a high-performance, reliable, and secure server that meets or exceeds the needs of its users. You will find coverage of the more than 200 new features incorporated into Windows Server 2003, along with numerous updates and improvements, including: bull; bull;Volume Shadow Copy feature that permits taking snapshots of changes to files bull;Forest Trust type that permits two-way, transitive trusts between forests bull;64-bit architecture that supports Intel Itanium and Itanium-2 servers bull;Many new command line tools, including how to manage a headless server with no keyboard, video, or mouse bull;Dozens of features to improve your systemiquest;s security For each feature, the book discusses underlying design principles, provides process descriptions that help identify interoperability issues, and details procedures for installation and configuration. In particular, the book focuses on the increasingly critical issues of security, remote access, and system interoperability. Specific topics covered include: bull; bull;Performing upgrades and automated installations bull;Adding hardware bull;Managing DNS bull;Managing Active Directory replication and security bull;Working with network access security and Kerberos bull;Managing group policies with a mixture of platforms bull;Managing shared resources bull;Managing file encryption and a public key infrastructure bull;Managing remote access and Internet routing bull;Recovering from system failures With the information and experience-based advice in Inside Windowsreg; Server 2003, you will be well equipped to deploy and manage a highly effective and smoothly functioning system. 0735711585B03172003

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The function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server 2003 ... and it also uses a new client access license, ... Microsoft Windows Server 2003, ...


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